Journalists in Peril…

Moscow anchor attackedThe news media, with the exception of the so-called “safe” jobs as anchor people, known as safe until a recent attack against a Moscow anchor woman (David Horowitz was assaulted with a gun on air, as an anchor, NBC LA, 1987), are the best examples of evil-double standards in the world where the tougher jobs pay less, and the prima donna or sycophant jobs pay more. Quoting  Mickey Rourke’s character from “Year of the Dragon” (1985)*, “Nothing is more evil than the media”, and I agree. The media represents a political referendum designed to make the crime rate worse, so they can lure people in because of their ghoulish fascination of heinous crimes happening to innocent people, so they, their “big business who love big government” sponsors with their corporate tax loopholes (keeping you poor as a worker, a stock investor, a consumer, and better yet, especially as a play on immigration, criminally inclined, maintaining an advantage as they don’t want competition) get wealthier, so bad news and profit from cheap labor go hand-in-hand). The corrupt police, the corrupt DA, the corrupt judges, and the sex-pervert politicians all get wealthier as well. It is not always a conspiracy, it is the inadvertent nature of what happens when you feed the beast. And this has a lot to do with the stupidity of the general population who don’t understand how power is always abused and the authorities, with all their cover-ups and potential frame-jobs of whistle blowers and victims to create dependencies, intimidate the few who know better. They are clearly counter-productive at their jobs, and continue to get away with it because of the naivete and gutlessness of the many blind sheep.

De-funding the beast, with a legal, peaceful tax revolt (see and, turns around the economy, causes privatization and self-governance to use the laws of supply and demand to replace the public sector, creates the kind of competition the rich hate, because they pay a lower percentage of taxes with overseas tax shelters, the progressive tax system was always a myth. They only get wealthy by funding the campaigns of politicians who overtax and over-regulate the middle class and the poor. When working for avionics companies in the 1980’s, they would give a bolt a scientific name, charge $1,000 for it, charge $10,000 for a toilet seat for a fighter plane, and so on. That was a lot of money back then. Defense contractors charged the tax payer about $673 million for 12 cameras on the Mexican border, taken down after one week. Everything public sector money is that way. Any attempt to audit the tax-takers means the politicians will lose their re-election money, as the Buddhist conundrum dictates, “the more you have the more you want”, applies to the wealthy, who have drastic fluctuations in income and are paranoid they are going to be $1 billion in debt, like Donald Trump was in 1991, which means we live in a world where the top 1% do too well at the expense of heavily exploited workers, some working for 30 cents an hour in Asia with suicide nets so they can’t jump off a high-rise sweatshop building through the windows, non-workers, and consumers who purchase products that are meant to fail by design, often dying right after the warranty expires. Of course most viruses come from anti-virus companies, it’s been proven. People like the CEO’s of defense contractor companies are horrified they will lose their multi-million dollar mansions and their million-dollar-a-year golf course memberships unless they can’t continue to screw you, those foolish enough to pay taxes and not try to over-consume tax services, and by law, you don’t have to pay taxes. More Orwellian double-think, responsible is irresponsible, and vice-versa.

Mickey - Nothing is more evil than the media

Consequently, there is more polarization then ever before before between the haves and have-nots. The unemployment rate, crime rate, and the homelessness rate in the big cities has never been higher, and there will probably be a major implosion any day now. The seven facets of the misery index is unacceptably high. The good news is, the IRS has been losing money since 2013, tax bankruptcies have never been more common, and tax audit insurance (you “win the lottery” if lucky enough to lose money in a tax audit at and will make many anti-government people happy and wealthy, but politicians are resisting privatization. This means a potential civil war, as thousands of inmates, soon millions, who for obvious reasons can’t find jobs, have been and will continue to be let out of jail and prison in the last 10 years, and the increasing homeless population, like the tens of millions of people from south of the border, consider jail to be Holiday Inn compared to where they came from, not a deterrent, with the best health care and education in the world. So they will continue to re-offend at a higher rate, fewer will go to jail as a reaction that mundane minds don’t consider, it creates more publicity for a tax revolt, possibly an armed one, and cops and court officials get laid off, and you can’t really privatize the jails. A more sophisticated version of house arrest will have to be used, explained at

Journalists are encouraged here to take over their studios, papers, networks, little time for collective bargaining. They can create a blog and a podcast, audio, or audio-video, expect to get good traffic to their website because of Googlebot ranking you high based on name recognition, and be totally independent. Many have a large opt-in e-mail list. Even though their salary historically comes from CPM advertisers, who are high profit margin (except in radio), high risk, and established journalists do well because these sponsors usually have the name, many big companies are despised and the consumer is looking for better, cheaper solutions online, with testimonials and verification with a rating system, not just the Google voting system. I offer MLM advertising at for MLM advertising, multi-tier commissions with high search engine rankings, free and seller status as very low cost. This includes robots that accept or reject sale’s propositions not only based on keywords, but number ranges for affiliate MLM commissions. Until then, it is good to moonlight on the side here with my suggestions, and I am starting a podcast network of traditional journalists trying to work from the luxury and safety of their homes, less despised by potential attackers when doing field reports, who will be removed from the dead pool. More stationary, often covert, cameras will alleviate the need for too many field reporters. If you are a journalist/media person, and you feel you should be removed from the dead pool, please contact us with your reasons and I or a vote of members will decide if removing your name and other associated information warrants being removed.

Because of no fault of their own, being the “drive-by media” because news events happen so quickly where a higher priority story comes up quickly, they must “confirm” a story with a second source. But you know where that leads. With my ideas at  and (under construction, much better than Google) you can quickly build up a case based on what civil litigators call “the preponderance of the evidence” and be honest about the margin of error and why. When surveys come out, and they mostly seem to contradict intuition, you can look at many sources for many surveys that ask about the same question, and if does not fall within the stable standard deviation, throw it out, then average out the rest.

You can prepare for your grand exodus by going to, a network of self-employed people helping each other with investment insurance. Until then, much like an insurance company, journalists who will be added to dead pool, because of:

  1. Dangerous job
  2. Old age
  3. Bad health
  4. Considered “town pariah”
  5. Lack of education to better survive, such as “not looking when crossing the street”, etc.
  6. Dangerous hobbies

There will be large additions to the dead pool forum, some added by individual contributors, some scraped to the tune of 12,500 records a day, and when a death is confirmed based on the preponderance of the evidence at the end of every calendar month, there will be winner(s). The dead pool is one forum, the obituary, where postings and ratings build up a case for evidence of death, is the other. For accumulating amounts of revenue added to the treasury by the prognosticators, at the end of any month, if there are any points, votes (x) ratings, for a death, based on links to newspaper obituaries or screenshots of a death certificates, that group of winners will share 80% of gross winnings, to be compensated the 15th of the following month.

The first place winner will get a free lifetime membership as a seller at,  a $400/month value!

The second place winner will get get a free $49.95/month membership for life at

The third place winner will get a $9.95/month free lifetime membership at

It is important not to make too many predictions, as there will be deductions for the same predictions (- votes (x) ratings, totaled up for all the journalist you predicted the death of, for that month, who have zero points in the obituary section).

Many people get the wrong idea with dead pools, but I am simply giving the big money media a taste of it’s own medicine. A dead pool is death insurance, and death insurance is life insurance. The number one motive for conspiracy to commit murder is collection on a life insurance policy. The state-run media that benefits from your suffering, creates their own recessions, etc., can no longer get away with their lies and their hatred. The two commandments of Dirty Harry – “Revenge is OK until it breaks the law”, and for the avenged, “Death is too good for them!”

View the dead pool forum here.

  • “Year of the Dragon”, a very good parody on “dragon and beast” love-hate relationships, the insanity of prohibition, evil double-standards of  immigration policy, the rights of criminals, orthodox cops not allowed to do their jobs, and the media that benefits from it.