Why are Journalists Like Kimberly, MSNBC Motorola Paul Ryan Boy Scouts of America Carpet Cleaning GQ Magazine Native Americans Parkinson’s Disease, on a Dead Pool,

Journalists have dangerous jobs, and as you follow the pattern, with a Russian anchor-woman attacked on the air in Moscow, then a recent massacre against several journalists in an office in Baltimore, Maryland, the shootings are only getting worse against many niches. But unlike the old days, there is no analysis of why these mass shootings happen and no plan to do anything about it. People have gone from caring, to apathetic, to sociopathic. People are too grateful for their jobs, their government money, their Kim Kardashian, and their “Dancing with the Stars”. Now they will dance with the devil in the pale moon light.

The only good news is diminishing tax revenue, turning around the world economy. But the vultures that are the sponsor-driven media, who create their own hysteria and recessions, and lure you in because of your ghoulish fascinations of heinous crimes happening to innocent people, must be warned. They don’t want peace, so I will not give them peace. Failure to report about a legal tax revolt at https://www.LegalTaxRevolt.com and https://www.AnarchyForever.com means they, like the police at https://www.DeadPoolForThePolice.fun and dead pools for other public officials, are hereby on a dead pool here. You and I win prizes and/or money when a listed journalist dies, forcing many journalists to quit their jobs or tell the truth for once.

That’s why journalists like Kimberly, MSNBC Motorola Paul Ryan Boy Scouts of America Carpet Cleaning GQ Magazine Native Americans Parkinson’s Disease, are on a dead pool this website is devoted to. Jails and prisons are too expensive, especially because of the ACLU, funded by the Ford Foundation and the success of Ford as good, reliable, affordable cars, make damn sure the incarcerated get the best healthcare and education in the world. With the many excons being released in recent years not able to find jobs, as the government sells all your information to entities on the Internet, these dead pools, plus communication with the incarcerated through JPay and listings next to bail bondsmen and defense attorneys, who all know there will no longer be long prison sentences as they all talk to each other, will be riled-up by me, promoting https://www.BestJobsForExcons.fun, promoting a tax revolt, protesting businesses that won’t hire them, jamming city and county board meetings, representing a continued threat to kill or help incriminate cops, but expect more cheap shots against journalists ramping-up also.

If any of the journalists scraped from large databases, inserted as a data merge into spun articles here, or uploaded individually on dead pool forum dies, there will be prizes and/or money for the winners, who if responsible for the murder of that candidate, is less likely to fear the consequences of jail, knowing a major tax revolt for money you need to retain for survival must occur, when you have no chance of being audited, lest you win the lottery in the rare event you are audited with penalties and/or interest.

Kimberly, MSNBC Motorola Paul Ryan Boy Scouts of America Carpet Cleaning GQ Magazine Native Americans Parkinson’s Disease, can get off the dead pool by quitting or telling the truth about why the tax coffers will continue to dry up. Good news does sell, I am tired of people feeding the beast. There is a legitimate way to rape, plunder, and pillage the evil double-standard of a system out of existence. Get with it, jail is not a deterrent, because intersectionality between bad cops and prosecutors and the drug cartels means private jails are only for them:

“Those that leadeth into captivity must be lead into captivity. Those who killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10.


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