Drop-shipper Pool

Money pyramid from drop-shipping pool and affiliate program

People are making hundreds to thousands of dollars a day by joining a pool of investors who spend very little, but with free WordPress websites, Ebay stores, Amazon, or turn-key franchise websites with no work required at all for store set-up. With meticulous inventory control by corporate head, looking at trends analysis and what is hot, you have a golden opportunity to corner the market on what may be the world’s final commodity before human labor becomes obsolete and super-financial wealth has no value – robots, eventually when they reproduce, don’t need money, and real estate will be free, with the unlimited supply of outer space.

Here you can join https://www.Escrow.com and talk to others, family members, friends, co-workers, etc., and others at the forum and create “topic projects” at the “Buy and Sell Attire and Paraphernalia” forum, to add to the Dead Pool for the Media treasury, and vote on when to place an order of different numbers of different model numbers of merchandise. Quite often the sellers and buyers will be the same people, and there will be transparency between them so only buyer-seller combinations know they are receiving a great deal for individual unit cost. The only conflict will be between those who want to wait to meet a bench mark for buying in the greatest bulk to get the per-unit cost as low as possible, and giving the customers satisfaction in speeding-up contribute to escrow, vote, broker-release, buy and deliver process. You can deliver individual units to the individual buyer directly from China (not recommended, shipping costs will be too high), or different quantities to each of the sellers, who can keep some of the units, and sell the remaining units to others. The buyers can be redirected from your advertisement and/or forum/topic here to your Ebay store, or separate Website store. Dead Pool For The Media is the escrow broker and will take 10% of gross to pay for support.

Dead Pool for the Media T-shirtAll products (eg. t-shirts, jackets, buttons, caps, back-packs, mugs, pens, bumper stickers, placards, banners) must have our URL, DeadPoolForTheMedia.fun, followed by your username at the end of the string. See the illustration on the left as an example of username=notaxes. You come up with your own logo and artwork. If you would like to earn commission with a multi-tier affiliate program, with a redirect tracking URL like DeadPoolForTheMedia.fun/NoTaxes, and that URL can be promoted anywhere (say, printed as a logo on t-shirts, which are sold at Alibaba.com for 99 cents each when you buy 500 t-shirts), and you can sell them at swap meets for a 1000% mark-up, Ebay and Amazon stores, or the suggestions below when you have your own website. Just signup for an affiliate account below, and you will be assigned a tracking URL with your username as URL string, with cookies and tracking code to track anything here, and the commission pyramid works as follows:

1st tier purchase: You get 10% of gross;

2nd tier purchase (you attracted someone who becomes your affiliate, and sells to someone two tiers below you): He/she gets 10% of gross, you get 5% of gross;

3rd tier: He/she gets 10% of gross, next tier gets 5% of gross, you get 2.5% of gross;

For a greater variety of products and services you want to sell as part of a major savings pool, with insurance and also an industrial democracy without elitists controlling stocks, see https://www.InvestorCommune.com. For the best no risk, high profit margin advertising, see https://www.PandaBusters.com.

Reserve your username, which will be at the end of the promotional URL string (eg. Username = “notaxes” means “DeadPoolForTheMedia.fun/notaxes“) below and you will be redirected to our affiliate program, where you signup, and get the affiliate tracking URL’s (they are the same for all affiliates, and all tiers) if you want to use them on your website, in e-mail, social media, etc. We will assign the tracking URL to the promotional URL within 24 hours, and guarantee cookie-tracking to assure your quest to be on top of a pyramid is verified.

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